Experience the beauty and power of the PAX A920, the most popular mobile payment terminal in a sleek, stylish design. This revolutionary Android SmartPOS combines the functionality of a tablet with a powerful POS payment terminal, offering unparalleled convenience and performance.

Accept the fastest and
secure ways to pay.

Efficiently and confidently accept payments, ensuring secure encryption for every transaction. Experience a straightforward pricing system with a consistent rate for each tap, dip, or swipe. Get your funds as fast as the next business day.

Powerful Hardware in a Stylish Design

The groundbreaking terminal that initiated a new era. The A920 seamlessly integrates the extensive capabilities of an Android tablet with a robust POS payment terminal, packaged in an elegant and compact design.

Brilliant HD

The 5-inch HD touchscreen provides vibrant, lifelike images and an immersive operational experience.

High Capacity Battery and Dual Cameras

Beneath the expansive HD screen of the A920, there’s a powerful 5250mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, ensuring seamless operations throughout the day. The dual high-quality cameras enable swift scanning and processing of mobile and QR code payments.

What's in The Box

Accepting credit and debit cards,
made easy.

✓ Tap & Pay

✓ Chip & PIN

✓ Debit Tap  

You get low processing rates and complete transparency with our honest interchange plus pricing.

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